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Saturday, 5 January 2019

We The Pro's Of Frow- A Poem By Bhat Aejaz

We are pro don't tie our " right toe"
  Due to you,we become pro's of Frow....

   Need of probe to libel,for future to see
   Here is arduous to protect our "Illusive tree"....

   Some think Accession for whole  as a "probate"
    Unknown has congeal our kashmir to "procrastinate".....

North to south ,center to out single enact as the "Probationer"
Them, judge to officer a mistrate suffers  the victim by "procedure"....

Here confusion of both soldier and rebel is equivalent...
Sacrificing the blood,without the eye on "propellent".....

Rudiment of my "true venter" pronto to hide.
I play on one side, U play upon other side.....

Me a victim of "the land"  brim with  prosector.
Oh God! Consign the land of heaven with  unbiased Representer .....

About Poet:
Name: Bhat Aejaz

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