Untitled Canvas- A Poem By Shujaat Hussain

Ye who wear uniforms-
carrying the pernicious stuff
for the residents 
of this rotten city;

  ye who might be knowing
  the paradise, it was once:
  the land which ye knew 
  was bedecked by the silent smiles
  of those children-
  drowning in the cold blood-
  starving for freedom.

  Lo! where human beings sail
  with the trembling fear of guns:
  ye've sewn the lips,
  and perhaps bodies also
  with the lethal echoes of bullets; 
  shall ye know?
  yes, the skin is benevolent,
  that it embraces every wound
  yes, the lips are innocuous
  that these lie silent — though, have to        speak.

And ye who fete independence
by snuffing out our sky,
ye who clinch our beinghood
and clutch the roots 
of this oft-known Chinar city;

  they say a long ago, it was
  the happiest land which ye knew
  had no special day—but the whole year
  dipping into the sweetest sap.

  Lo! where human beings weep
  with the songs till those half-mothers end
  ye've dragooned us to grin
  and suck the fingernails
  wet with the blood of our own men;

  shan't ye know? Ah, ye must,
  as mothers' being stoic is disgrace
  that ye live in
  and the flag ye flourish is the                  proclaimation
  of tyranny 
  as we spit upon it — and we should.
About Poet: 
Shujaat Hussain


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