The Winter here-A Poem By Mir Mashood

It's not that
I have forgotten you
And It's not that
I don't remember you anymore.
Darling! it's winter
The chillai kalan has landed here
Everyone prefers to be inside
Being beset of blanket ;
A blower, or a Kangri with it.
Here now people don't hug eachother,
But kangri
As a butterfly ties
To a new bloomed flower.
Here people take shape of tortoise
As it keeps head out of rock.
We too only keep head out
but of pheran,
And none giggles at eachother.
Here blanket of silence
has spread everywhere,
Birds have disappeared too
As stars nowadays in the sky.
Do you know?
Here, No beloved of moon
Let's the window wide open
And no beloved talks to it,
As they in summer nights.
But still in such nasty scenario
It's me, who at every night
Joins the cool veranda
Just to cheer and cheer your name,
Eager to listen back echoes of it.
But alas!
Every time the echoes freeze on the way.
In scenario
Where people take naps after naps.
Where a pen gives
Cool jolts to whole body,
And where hands freeze too in a wee.

It's still me
Who is writing a poem for you. 

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