The deception of farce education in modern private schools.

Presentation of modern facility hoax , a belief annexed in minds of parents who sell the domains of their existence to fulfill the cushions of private schools in kashmir. Long before education was seen an era of sacrifice where the student was pinned in the chains of struggle, it was like a knight was put to the test of battle ground before awarded the title of knighthood in the kingdom of his goals. The saga of education has seen an endless transformation from real to reel kind of education, public transport got entertained into loafs of school comfy bus facility, worth of education got transformed from books to tallest buildings. Quality mentors got transformed from highly trained to meek un skilled mentors. Education got measured with building infrastructure, talent got fooled in the name of dance moves on the stages. Parental meetings became hub of group dances and performance was measured into cultural bollywood dance presentation. Schools did every kind of deception to alter parental brains in the wink of group biryani gatherings to farce dancing talent grooming, and in such they forgot to ask the real performance of ward in such respective schools. The deception game is such peak modelled,that no body is worried in asking school management about the return of real educational output, but every parents has been made to think , the more a school has infra fame clubbed with swimming pools and spas of foamy facility. The production of such schools is just educated lambs who in the long run land no where and ultimately get frustrated in the lanes of unheard world. It would be better if schools focus on basic intellectual quality education and research in the lanes of catering leadership qualities among students. Such actions will bring out real entrepreneur qualities among students and bring the code of job givers instead of job seekers.

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