Soulmate- A Poem By Sehrish Tariq

These dew drops of tears that you shed,
save them for someone, who will one day fashion
A pearl string out of them, and then put it on your swan neck,
like a blessing that will endure.
That someone won't hide you from the world,
Yet wont flash you like a trophy,
You will be his secret, whose paeans he'll sing to the universe,
Yet he'll sing the best song, just for the uninhibited you.
It's not that someone is not there, he's there somewhere,
Biding his time waiting for you,
No matter his coming is arranged or your make,
He won't ever have to leave.
You won't have to beg him to stay,
You won't have to be nice to him; To have your way,
But let's just say that you'll have to be your best,
To catch that ruddy sun's rays!
To him what won't matter of many things,
One will be your looks,
You won't be his second choice,
You will be his soul's puret voice.

About Poetess:
Sehrish Tariq


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