Rest In Firdous, MUM

It was tenth of the new year,
Happy new year or the saddest one?
In the last quarter of the night,
I called Her at home
She picked up, but could barely talk.
Her whispers gave up her lifelessness
She was praying, only this.
That Mum get alright and fight
This time, like She had fought
Every incidence of The Angel in the past

And there I was, telling Him to stop,
To stop the pain He had put all of us into,
To stop the sadness from oozing out
Out of Her Eyes –The Ocean Trenches.
But the prayers, all in vain,
Unanswered, atleast in that moment.

Mum has already been summoned by The Heavens
The Firdous–Topmost of Them All.
Five hours ago, She had gone away
And the Breeze was not aware yet.
So, She was just sad, not crying, not yet
And took Her last peaceful nap
Not knowing She would always be wretched

Minutes not passed, and the phones rang up.
A lie framed, just to not let the Breeze down
And She was shifted to Her own home.
Soon, began the revelation, abruptly
Like a cascade, just blinks apart
From the previous naked truth
In shakes, wails started, and cries.
Calls poured in from every city
Of Louchan, The Mughals, The Boar's Molar
Sadness was at immense peaks.
The whole world was mourning,
My Universe was crying, devastated.

A year since that fateful day,
Your cries still reverbate in my head.
The way You were stopping Mum
Telling Her to stop going away.
But dumb You, how could She stop?
The call was from heavens, right?
Heaven– A place better than this world
The cruel world, where reckless people live.
And Mum was just an innocent
With a heart pure as gold.
So, She had to go, but remember,
She'll always be by Your side,
No matter how hard You think it is.

P.S.:I don't know if I still am allowed to call her Mum.

Written by
His Memory Lane


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