Prolonged Cruel And Unjust-Treatement

Kashmir valley has  indeed been cloaked with armed conflict since 1989. It has been facing unrest and violence since the very time, along with the bedlam has now been changed to more unrest and violence after-post Burhan wani who got his martyrdom on 8july 2016 on friday in  Kokernag area .
In this connection,the valley has been seeing a large number of youth joing militancy.
Shortly there after, their pictures  get viral with Ak 47. With difficulty
family appeals to them to shun miltancy and return to his loved ones. This truth has been continuously happening for last two years. It is self evident, we need not discourse more  to make you out of It .
On second thought,
It is important to actually show some recognition of the fact to the people residing in other countries or the people living in different parts of india that they know nothing about the life in  kashmir. They dont know inside and out how their life has been torn apart, ravaged during cordon and search operations in order to wipe out militancy from the entire valley . Several of  the civilians become the victim of military operations.
Nowadays an expression which gives pain and suffering  is  "We sleep with the news of CASO and wake up with the news of Killings,
Every morning is mourning in kashmir." Losing our dear ones on regular basis has become very common sight in the valley. In the wake of these killings, restrictions are imposed which  become the problem for the youth as well. In light of these facts, It is the youth of the valley who are effected and  suffer chaos and pain. In the same vein,
the youth, I would rather say the innocent youth becoming the victim of military operations labelled as supporters of terrorists or  over ground workers by the media.
Upon their death, the whole valley weeps,
The other countries and the rest parts of India  genuinely know nothing but they bang on about discussing this fodder without knowing the deep truth.
Do you know, noone in such killings are either arrested or nor does any investigation happen .
Apart from this, the massacres done in kashmir
Gawakadal massacre,
Hadwara massacre,
Sopore massacre,
Bijbehra masacree.
Who is  responsible for these massacres? you must know It .
The Indian army is accused of them .Graveyards are full of unidentified youths, certain bodies were burnt and lost, thousand of bullet -ridden bodies buried in unmarked graves. The bloodshed, mayhem, turmoil, unprecedented violence, killings in kashmir. This oppression in kashmir will push more youth towards armed resistance.
The other people are brainwashed by the media abt the opression happening in kashmir is due to the people living there, this has become more familiar on their lips which precisely is not the truth.
The poverty,the horror, the suffering that has been inflicting upon the people of kashmir since the insurgency in jandk
Expatriates are faraway from the situation but this is a vital importance of focusing that India is proceeding to impoverish us by inflicting pitiless upon us. Now-now this has become much closer issue on account of social media .
Indubitably, the valley is influenced both of education and crisis as well. It is losing not only its populace, but also getting weak in development.
All these things compel me to say that  the political murkiness at peak which precisely lays the tone for all future incidents.
This truth is  largely unknown and unread by the
people, including a roster of cognizant organizations that are known to the plight still they pretend like to be unknown.
At least in the immediate aftermath of  incidents, a climate of fear is created like some are beaten to death, some are kidnapped and killed. The killing by the state is to create  only fear and panic, killing is done intentionally. This meant that the people also lose their homes during this unrest and chaos. It is very sad and tyred truth all  this is being done in the name of so-called democracy  which in fact is worst kind of autocracy and dictatorship.
This bloodbath always plug entire valley into state of mourning
Needless to say, we can't add up how many people have been killed so far in the  kashmir valley during this insurgency.
For that reason, the other countries and the  other states of india must barge into the valley to know actually what the truth is.

About Writer:
Name: Adnan Shafi


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