National Introspection- A Poem By Zakir Malik

Ordinary had been donkey of extra-ordinary
Work done, got wholly chamelioned
Slumbered inside hibernating cave
Woke like a bear from torpid dormancy
After, provided with pulpit of electorate
Stargazy politico made horizonsome forebode
And, blind folded masses with manifesto overload
Pellects, bullets fired, along the road
Developments were surely on fastrack mode,
The greenery, they made promises for
Alas! Deuteranopia got ruthly pandemic
Whilst, they were authority of contingent!
Now, take kinfolky aspect to gain entrust
Should we condole their ignimonious face?
Or, express condemnation for our fault?
For, we provided roller to roll over us;
We opine religious scholars as jugheaders
Amidst, the crucial stage of decisive instant
Get down from plane, rethink consider over again

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