My Inner Tagore- A Poem By Omair Mohammadi

Where the mind is ruled by fear and head is cut if held high,
Where the knowledge is free only for the supporters of occupation;

Where the day starts with blasting of shells and chirping of birds,

Where shells fly more frequently than the flies do;

Where the world has been broken up into fragments,
By filthy divisional politics and sectarian delibrations;

Where words if spoken are meant mere for deception:

Where ennervated let up stretches it's arms towards mediocrity,
Where clear reasons are equated with the excuses like that 'Mistaken identity';

Where the mind is led forward by evil,
Into tidy demonic thoughts and actions;

Where services of tyranny are employed to continue subjugation,
Where the rivers flow red,scream and call for global intervention;

Into that hell of slavery,my Lord has my heaven turned

About Poet: Omair Mohammadi


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