Last Breath- A Poem By Arafat Riyaz

Last breath when I shall take, this physical bod will fade. The bod will be lifted in a beautiful case; and everyone will forget you with the change. When Fifty winters from now, will fall, my deep sunken eyes; and soon I will be dead or I will have died as a sonny. Sedentary on this bed today, ailing and all dreams dead now. Fantasys lifeless, who will water this flower to grow. Cloudy vision, ears become deaf, body with the wrinkles, tell me my childhood, where did it fly. My life has turned, turned like a leaf. Once green and vigorous; and see now. Autumn is no more far; and pull me down with the wind. Tell them to forget me, for I have broken their pilgrim soul. Thousand cries, I am dead and pall will cross me whole, where is my soul; and soon the funeral; then i have to enter my dark home. This chapter will close, and a book to be published, to my lord, what will be done will remain behind the scene till end.

About Poet: Arafat Riyaz


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