I see Kashmir Now

I see a galaxy of stars, in the sparkle of your barrel
When you aim at my people with a finger on the trigger.
I see the festival of death in your bloody eyes
When you play the naked dance of war.
I see a post office flooded with letters, addressed to the lost
Tell 'Ata Mohammad' to mark the unmarked graves.
I see a girl battling with her own conscience
When you pull her scarf and molest her in the midway.
I see the nights searching with candles of hope
For the innocence you buried a long time ago.
I see the lullabies of peace burning in my heart now
Getting doused by the red showers from the skies.
I see Kashmir now, not as a paradise on earth
But as a bruised valley of graves and Mourning people

About Poet:
Poet is Freelance RJ and Scriptwriter(103.5 FM) . He can be reached at neerajnawaz@gmail.com.
Disclaimer: Views expressed are exclusively personal and do not necessarily reflect the position or editorial policy of Aalaw.in.


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