Done Being A Man- A Poem By Mohammad Ali

Some call me a loser Some say, I'm just a dream But Is there anybody, who wishes to be the same? Oh, Is there anybody who is done being a man? When the night falls over the meek tall towers; Come find me in the old taveren, making the best brews And Let your loudest laughter embrace tomorrow's horror And some call me a sinner, Some say, don't be so lame But is there anybody who is feeling just the same; I mean, are you too done being a man? Casted away from your Home when you were little, And the geometry of scars on your face has your stroy written And all you unfathomable demons, who lurk out there in the dark; Ashamed bastards and broken hearted all Come be my brothers, in this town of love and forgiveness; For I know you all are tired of being what you are, And I too am tired of being ....... a man. Oh, I say I'm done being a man And my lonely friend sleeping on the sidewalk Are you too, done being a man? You, Oh, you! Waiting for a train to pass Are you too, done being a man? Done, done, done Are you too done being a man?

About Poet: Muhammad Ali


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