Develop Ideas- A Poem By Zakir Malik

Why to let ideas go?
Should draw out even infinitesimal,
Why to let themes go?
Could essay out change radical,
Why to let motives go?
Nurture them as forest tropical,

Why to follow stipulations classical?
Kashmir's smog is totally atypical,
Smoke apostate, from times immemorial
Bounded by foggy paintings and still
Theorise afresh possiblities to chop metal
To carve out mountain to form a tunnel

Desulatory contrives had swallowed ways
Take pledge to pull in awaited sun rays
Future nursery is aforested in illegal ways
Worst is residuum are pasted with PSA's
You hath, take oath to spic huminion garbage
Research throughly, use senses to commutate.

© Zakir Malik


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