Dear Society- A Poem By Seerat Sofi

How are you?

I'm sorry to ask you this;

But can I say;

So many times I felt you are sick!

So I'm asking "How are you"?


You judge so well:

from the colour of my skin,

to the size of my clothes;

you judge every bit of me:

Like if;

there's a tag on my forehead;

requesting you, "Kindly Judge"..

Society ;

Do you know;

Before I come out of my home!

My mom tells me, "You look wow";

My sister's do tell me, "You look prettiest";

But The moment I step out from Gate;

Your gazes make me feel ugly;

With your every comment;

I loose my wowness;

And my pretty looks;

turn gloom;

No darling;

it's not my fault ;

I'm judged anyway;

Even when I'm veiled from head to toe;

and the moment I talk to my Guy Friend;

I'm judged;

They say;

"This is why I've veiled"

And you know ;

When I'm wearing jeans;

Even when the kurti is below my knee;

and my arms are covered up to the wrist; Yes, I cover my cleavage with "Dupatta"

But still your eyes are there to look at me;

Okay, Stare;

But I know the difference between your Good stares and bad stares;

Good touch and bad touch;


I don't blame gender;

I m judged biasedly;

By every gender;

by every age group;

Yes, that aunty;

questioned my morality;

When I sat besides my Guy friend;

Correct me, just a friend;

His presence make me secure!

So I will be teased less;

cause I know I'm judged anyway;

Yes; That uncle;

questioned my parenting of my parents;

When I hugged my girl friend in the bus;

Just a friendly "hug"

His comment made us feel so ugly;


we apologised each other for being us;

No one spared me;

Your son;

his stare is so uncomfortable;

that sometimes;

I want to take his eyes out;

And put them in musuem;

And put them with a tag;

Stare me hard;

Your not so Womenly women judged me;

Your vieled women questioned my Jeans;

and your fashionista queen;

judged my dressing sense;

I'm so judged;

sometimes ;

even while taking breathe;

I do whisper my lungs;

"You will be judged"

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