Curfewed Jhelum- A Poem By Asrar Ul Haque

Being under locks listening
ticks of clocks, We rest in
home because we live in curfewed Jhelum.

Even we gave many lives,
Our nationality is lost in
the holocaust of curfewed Jhelum.

Hear boom and bang on the
streets of valley, the blood flows
in the curfewed Jhelum.

" Can't bear the change of colour
in me to red " cries it loud
Its our beloved curfewed Jhelum.

Oh! They call it democracy
But they still do a lot to
Curtail the rights of curfewed Jhelum.

They demand us peace, it won't
Come till justice floats in
curfewed Jhelum.

So we will love to see
Smiling, our beloved, todays
Saddest, curfewed Jhelum.

About Poet:
Instagram: Asrar Ul Haque


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