Burning The Old Year- A Poem By Kamran Bashir

Souls depart the ephermal sphere of universe, brittle blossoms.
Graves find peace releasing the potassium,
The onset of liberty.
Heaven is utter happiness, gazing the welkin.

An occupied vantage ground,
Quenches the flames of life.

The death bell of this year,
Shall itself mourn the dead.
Edifices full of Kafkaesque files,
Bloodlying white clothes__what we call_
A peace treaty with the regal ones,
And the Rulers of this universe!!

Flee from justice,flee the scene.
The Emancipation tales shall be heard now.

Routes will speak fair,
Like a cat on hot bricks.
Dead won't let you sleep,
Your voices, ha! 
A dead band of a cancerous radio.

This world should be glazed now,
As it is a ticking bomb waiting to go off.

We are white birds craving peace.

© Kamran Bashir 

I am a student at cluster University,
Residence: Kuchmulla,Tral, Pulwama.

Having forte to be a student first.

Pic Credits: Salomonsonjohhny.


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