Perdiõ Eden ( Lost paradise)

               Perdiõ Eden 

How beautiful a morning can be
It is all dependent on thee

We don't go out late night
For us it's not stars full of light
Its morning full of mournings

Even though Eden is all green and blue
Ours red and rest doesn't have clue

For rest , Millitants are being killed in crackdown
Yet civilians are counting one rebel down

Mother is pleading his son to come back
And he is already dead in some counter attack

Some are dying due to hypertension
And rest are striving for redemption

Due to cold vagrant families are getting chilled
And those betrayed people are getting billed
Selling a soul and feeling peace for a while
We are waiting for the time when Allah turns the file

Humanity was all that used to matter
Now that I can see is  people shatter

Paradise is now a battle field
People do identify the rattle revealed

The paradise will rise again like it used to
Where the stars will shine and fearlessly people will look onto

In this game of being killed and rescued
Few people have already measured that this is perdiõ Eden.    
 Shafia Masoodi
Instagram : sha_fia_11


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