My Village Life- A Poem By Qazi Yamin

Digging my old grave of memories,.
And escaping from  my worldly miseries
My village life; showered with blisstul vibe.

Holding my old grey and walking miles,
Greeting the milky way, I glitter smiles;
dancing with the fireflies_
Tales of heroes & warriors, oh! My eye cries;
Enjoying,the stone skipping,
Sceneries, my eyes were clicking

Tyirng the knot between darkness and lantern,
Knitting my dreams before my urn;
Slowly passing along the street, a cabeuliwallah
My old grey praying with her japamala
The orchestra of crickets and frogs, I loved
My treasure beneath the sun, I shoved

Longing to grab the sdme vibe
Long gone is my village life

In this present; I must survive
or long gone
Is my village life.

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