Letter to Chillay kalan

The Chillaykalan,
Head of Deptt. Of Teedology(Coldology),
Jammu & kashmir .

Subject :Decrease the Teed(Cold).


With due humble reverence and deference , that we the people of kashmir and Ladakh Divisions draw your kind  attention towards the Winter-2019.
Respected Chillaykalan as you know our All V.I.Ps and administrative Heads migrated towards "Hot zone " with all facalities and left behind Electric poles and wires without electricity and pipes without water.
After 11 Long years ,your highness bring such a cold towards us, in which our most elderly persons are severly affected, because in last 11 years most of our Traditional Chullas (Kashmiri DAAN) are replaced by Modern Gas chullas. And rest is done by our modern housing infrastructure in which we prefered cement houses instead of clay houses or traditional wooden houses.
Our traditional Kangries are replaced by electric blanket and heaters which add more to our difficulties and misries.
What so ever , there may be some faults from our side, still, your Heart is Big, that, your highness may draw your kind attention towards above mentioned subject and oblige.

Yours Faithfully,
People of the Kashmir and Ladakh,
Winter 2019.

Copy to :
(1) All Administrative Heads, living in Jammu.
(2) All Deptts. Of Kashmir and Ladakh working  without basic faculties.

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Name: Rizwan Mudathir Khandi
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