Kashmir In 2018

Twin bike borne students riding back to home. Hapily crooning, cacophonous exult. Running and running , they ordered over Gun Point. Bike stopped with huff, faces suffuse, exult transformed in vibrating.
   Men in uniform asked for identity and get in.Now situation had turned worse than an examination hall. catechizations raise, school bags were checked.
 Final call was submit your mobile phones. Every single folder was scrutinized, every social platform were explored. Nakedness was the only feel when they checked the colloquy.
 India, claming worlds biggest autonomous country where right to express is prerogative, they why social life is introgated?
 Moving to the scene,
       They Questioned, what degree are you cogitating?
 Engineering (with muffed tone).
 Engineering for whom , again Questioned with exclamatory factor India or Kashmir?
   India or Kashmir.
  IOK where any of Indian democratic frame, principle, amindment is the thesis of classroom subject Civics. Where youth felt impiety, where being chlamydiac is terrorism, spritual mindedness is promoting voilence.
   That time the only query was if India thinks kashmiri as enamour why not dueier direct war.
  If being social is homicide then why are you framing it Democratic and if truely it is what democracy is then why internet is being snapped. Are you afraid of your own deed or you need time to directorate the Scene.
  Now if Kashmiri is enemy then he cant be intregal. Students elevating weapons, afraid of slant being used , what opposes Indias entrisolity.
  In kashmir you are not concide to have the memories of your kins, mates in your cell phones, who became once prey of slant , agonized by either way to choose up Gun.
   Every Military Camp (Base) along roads particularly in Southern Kashmir is now hub of angst. You cant ramble with your cell phone or after 9 PM because of some never defined causes. Media being facing down the footings as if media has previlage then why truth is unspoken.

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