Are You Sad- A Poem By Arsalan

Are you sad? , They ask me
Well, I am not exactly sad
I am kind of mad
But She ain't crazy, is She?

I am not sad
I feel numb
But sad was better
And numb is bad, way too bad.

Or, maybe I am sad
And that makes me happy
Which gets annihilated by sadness
Driving me deeper into the abyss
Home to this numbness.

Why sad?, They ask me.
So, tell me this one thing.
She calls you Her eternity,
Ready to bear whatever comes,
Or atleast that's what She said.

How would you feel?
If the forever, that,
Being yours, was snatched
Away from you,
Stripped away from your soul
By your own rage?
(Hurts, right?)
But whatever comes by,
This thing is for sure
My love for Her
Surpasses the limits of cosmos,
Greater than the sleeping eight.

They say parallels never meet
But twice - beginning and eternity.
I began where She did
Alas! No eternity for myself
Not with Her, in the least.

What about parting?,They ask me
When we parted, replies my head
Her eyes did not speak
No love, no hatred, blank.
She had turned reckless, numb.
And thats the last she knew me.
I gave Her all of my life.
And She gave me all of that NUMB!

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