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Pain of separation is unbearable. Exactly a month ago indian forces with help and support of local MUNAFIQS and MUKHBIRS (Imformers and collabrators) murdered (martyred) my brother and 5 of his holy comrades in a shopian hamlet. Watching WASIM lying silent with his body soaked in blood wasn't that easy. He had 13 bullets on upper portion of body only. The way indian forces are harrassing the local populance mostly youth and the way indian policy makers are exhibiting egoistic and arrogant behaviour is a blot on face of self claimed prophets of democracy.
 Two years since wasim took the decision that had no influence of family, we were subjected to worst brutality, seriously though no mother or for that sake even father will ask his son to take up the arms and be part of rebellion. Even though everyone including the police and the army are well aware of the fact that no parent support the decision of their kid to take the gun, still Rebel families are subjected to worst rights voilation and harrassment.

     Last summer the arrest of Assadullah naikoo father of Muhammad bin Qasim Hafidullah is clear evidence of armies high-handness and is enough message for others to guess the heat of hell that Rebel families are grilled in.
And then,for many of you rights defenders A simple text from cousin or brother of rebel is a security risk.Last summer , i wrote to a facebook friend of mine who i knew was a activist and was working with some human rights fact tank. We had a bit formal and normal bite and he asked me to stay in touch only lately to be rebuked and insulted last month after he got to know that i am first cousin of a martyred rebel. He asked me to delete my chat history with him because it might pose security threat to him.No humor, but do they seriously feel that we rebel families aren't natural normal beings. For that activist and for all of us let it be made clear that militant families are as much humans as others are, they are subjected to as much torture and rights abuse as others living in conflict zone are. Probably they are the worst sufferers of occupation..

       Speaking for brother wasim,during his two years on feild, not a month passed when army did not visit our home and harrass us. They will visit us regularly and ask weird questions that had nothing for us (family) to answer.It is to be mentioned that uncle and aunty (Wasim's Parents) are septuagenarians. His father is a grand old man with bent back, army i swear will not spare him also. Everytime they raided our home, they will catch this old man by collar, will threaten to kill whole family, will harrass him and quite a times will even beat him. Others in the family were dealt no differently. They 2-3 times snatched phone of my another uncle and will try to break his privacy. They (army) will force him to disclose his business credentials. Major incharge will regularly call my cousin who is yet to be 16, and will abuse him on phone and will ask him to present himself in army camp.. I personally being a boarder for most of my time had been stationed far from home. Last month after the news of Wasims Shahdat broke out i visited home to bid adieu to my hero brother. The day after Wasim's funeral, i had asked my friends to help me out with some work since it was harvesting season, and while returning from our farm in the way back men in uniform intercepted us and without speaking a single word.They beat 3 of us with snooker sticks, they roped our hands and checked our pockets snatched our phones and thrashed us more.. A month since then i still wonder as to why they thrashed us. We carried no threat, We carried no gun or for that matter stones.
  These are just snippets of torture that we here in occupied land are subjected to...I repeat mine and our's is just another chapter in this voluminous book of oppression. There have been 500000+ more martyrs and i guess their families would have faced more brutalities than we did....
    Keeping long story short, army's high handness and honestly their interference into civic adminstration is pushing us towards extreme. If they continue to harass our youth , more youth will pick the gun and more will take part in rebellion...

Peace and victory

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  1. Torture is a battle between truth and falsehood, Islam and disbelief. It has been used by those who want to enslave human beings to make them bow down to them, and when the latter refuse to surrender, the former resort to those acts of humiliation and torture with in order to debase the human dignity.


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