Kashmir For Freedom- A poem By Kabir Deb

Boots clapping with coal covered road
Frantic heads peeking through wooden gates
Chinar tree dying to meet death's antidote
O Valley! We'll fight until the oppressor fades

Graffiti on our body, isn't just a word
It's the touch we feel when you breathe
Yes, there's smoke above like a negative shroud
O Valley! We know you are our heavenly sheath

Our books today open to a new castle
Where we meet to rap to break your silence
Speak out loud against the fucking shackle
O Valley! Take our body for it lives to save your essence

Far away a ghost plays the long awaited Rubab
His hands still produce the folklore, not the bullet
Cords sparkle out your long missed Shabaab
O Valley! We can't forget what you felt

The maniacs may have forgotten history
But our present dies everyday for their past
Here life is to revolt, but each death has a story
O Valley! Your peace is our thirst

As our doors rattle a bullet perforates our profile
Believing that our folklore won't be sang tomorrow
Divide us with your convergent missile
O Valley! You still inspire us to use our sorrow

Conflicts gifts us the brightest of art
Where several maniacs and rulers lie erratically
Rivers cackle when their guns restart
O Valley! Our souls burn to resist them practically

We are simple, we live by being us
If Kashmir burns it's for their ruling armory
They can ban our ideas, books for being a plus
O Valley! Freedom still rules in our pulmonary.

About Poet
Facebook: Kabir deb
Email: ratedr.mondeep58@gmail.com


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