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Midnight Hour- A Poem By Shujaat Hussain.

LETTER Writen under a lantern at midnight, And sent by me to her house.
It's the eighth midnight Of December: Each minute colder —Colder than before, The cool breezes clock the sight Of the city - however; Of my house, windows grow thicker That unables to see more.
The dream knocks overnight Which sits beside me - whisper: THERE I hold the mirror Of the thread our tomes floor, Weird? The hair of mine turns white Like the first snow—of late november The square I dwell in folds under A somber space, of odor.
It's midnight, the last night Of the poet, the pallid pages murmer: Pray! betake my spirit to a river And take me a gander at the Dal shore; The midnight-hours hold us tight, Put on the dress—of a mourner Or note down the wails of city's mother Bury me there - don't blore.
About Poet: Facebook: Shujaat Hussain

Moon Helps- A Poem By Saleem Mir

Last evening
looked at the moon.
It was alluring, beautiful and calm
as always.

I felt a conversation
between us.
And the thread i got was,

Always give others
what you have without
asking for the return.

And she was proving
herself true by showering
the gleams of
Clemency, Mildness and Love.

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Facebook: Saleem Mir

How To delink Your Adhaar From Your Bank Account- Follow these Steps

The way to delink Aadhaar from a bank account? Right here’s all you need to realize

In advance this year in July 2018, the country wide payments Corp of India (NPCI), that develops and promotes UPI and BHIM, had requested banks to stop Aadhaar-primarily based bills thru the UPI and on the spot payment device (IMPS) channels. ‘Pay to Aadhaar’ become delivered as extra functionality in UPI and IMPS, via which you could switch funds to a beneficiary the usage of their Aadhaar number.

NPCI had said in a round issued on 17 July 2018: “Aadhaar variety is sensitive statistics and the revised framework about its usage in the charge panorama remains evolving. With this historical past, we proposed the removal of ‘Pay to Aadhaar’ capability in each UPI and IMPS earlier than the steering committee (meeting held on 5 July 2018). The concept of doing away with the Aadhaar wide variety functionality was authorised with the aid of the steerage committee.”

Later in September 2018, the splendid court…

Tumhien Ghuman Hai Tumhare Bin Na Jii Sakhon ga - Ghazal By Faheem Iqbal

Tumheiñ gumañ hai tumhare bin maiñ na ji sakhoñ ga
Mujhe yaqeeñ hai jiyooñ ga bhi aur khush rahooñ ga

Jo zakhm-e-dil hai yeh mere apnooñ ka hi karam hai
Gila kisi gair se kiya tha na maiñ karooñ ga

Kisi ko aahista chalne par bhi mile gi manzil
Maiñ taiz chal ke bhi apni manzil na paa sakooñ ga

Abhi abhi aasmañ ko dekha zameeñ se kehte
Ki tere hisse ka dard paooñ to phatt padooñ ga

Maiñ wo sitara hooñ jis maiñ itni to roushni hai
Ki jis se maiñ raat ka takabbur mita sakooñ ga

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Instagram: Faheem Iqbal
Author of: Dasht-O-Dariya

Acrostic Poem Based On All Districts Of Kashmir By Perveiz Ali


Known but uncertain.
A macabre aura in her lush green valley
Swirls along the lanes and the by lanes,
Humming the death songs, and
Mocking the mother's lullaby;
Inundates the spring of love
Reeling under the gales of remorse !

I- Pulwama

Pulsating pain,
Unbeknown to the servants of chair,
Leaches out the marrow of tolerance,
Wobbles the calmness of quiet sea,
And reduces the sane to stupors;
Mayhem clouds the canvas of peace
And ruins the crop of pride!

II- Shopian

Singing the songs of hope, but-
Hearth of ignominy blazes its zenith
Over the apple-bough bedecked contours.
Perforated is every bud that dares to live
In the middle of the 'dance of death'
Akin to the blind devastating tornado,
Nay, a fair of cherishing right to cease life!

III- Kulgam

Kind enough to lit the candle of austerity,
Unknown but to decipher abysmal cause of
Long lacuna in a journey called life;
Gog and Magog they name them
Arraying the apostles of deceit;
Machiavellianism it is, do they know!


Tarjuman-e-Qalb- Urdu Ghazal By Wani Furqaan

Shehar ik zamaanai sai us rehraw sai na.mehram,
Us muntazar ka aana hua to kya kahiye...!
Kitne hijaabi darhaqeeqat saraab rahai sar-e-azm,
Aagosh-e-hijab mei kafir hua to kya kahiye...!
Mausam hai abr.baar aur shabnam ki intizaari,
Khurshiid ka aana hua to kya kahiye...!
Saaqi hai pur.takalluf aur mri beqaraari,
Vasl ka irada hua to kya kahiye...!

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Khwab- A Kashmiri Poem By Saleem Ibrahim Bhat

Maar mati kurnam lurpaar jigras  Be kya wanai che panni khaab  Awezaan rozakh yudwai jahanas  Be kya wanai che panni khaab 
Bad dua dyutnam zindsui panas  Be kya wanai che panni khaab Soor tai mytch kirnam prath armanas  Be kya wanai che panni khaab 
Zuw be wanhaav chanen khathan tai  Diluk oosum ye budd armaan Ruswah kurnas saersui zamaanas  Be kya wanai che panni khaab 
Ghare be drayas phalwen ghaashay  Doh mae loosum manz intizaaras  Ye kim be zoolnas ath ishq naaras  Be kya wanai che panni khaab 
Wisiye wantam su Ibrahim kati myun  Dilas chum aamut timsun lool  Chus tas be praraan manz shalimaeras  Be kya wanai che panni khaab 
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Year 2018: 495 People Including 245 Militants Killed In Kashmir

Kashmir witnessed a bloodiest year in a decade.

At least 495 people were killed due to militancy related incidents as well as cross border firing since January 2018. This year, people in Kashmir saw a couple of bloodies days.

On April 1 alone, in three different encounters in South Kashmir and subsequent clashes 13 militants, 4 civilians and 3 army soldiers were killed. One militant was killed in Dialgam (Anantnag) encounter, 7 militants were killed in Dragadh and 5 militants were gunned down in Kachdoora Shopian.

Among the 495 killings half of the slain are militants. This year up to Dec 28, 245 militants and 134 civilians were killed. Among the 115 Forces killed, 55 are Army soldiers, 9 are CRPF personnel, 10 BSF personnel, CISF and SSB one each and 40 are local policemen.

Security agencies this year managed to neutralize A and A++ category militants. The top commanders who were neutralized this year included included Abu Dujana, Abdullah Ghaznavi, Bashir Lashkari, Junaid Ahmed Qay…

Search- A Poem By Saleem Mir

Digging deep into
My crumbled Being
Found a spear
Scratching its interiors
To know the causes of its wounds.

Which still weeps and shouts
With pain, vexation and agony and is
At the brim of ruination

Nothing comes to heal it up
Rather cuffs of guilty and shame
Feelings of hate, envy and like
Deface it more.

Yearning for, that some eternal
Powers shall be sent from the above
To stitch its wounds and lesions
To let it breathe a sigh of relief.

Let it not turn to be a pipe dream!

About Poet
Facebook: Saleem Mir

Do Marks Really Matter?

Contrary to the popular opinion among the youth that marks don’t really matter, the truth of the situation is that, marks do matter, and even if they do not define your entire life and career, they do certainly help in getting an individual one step closer to their desired goals. Class 12th boards are a stressful period for parents and students alike. Months of mock exams, tuitions, and hefty amounts of money are spent on preparing students for the most important school level exam in India. A whole new industry is booming as a consequence of the average Indian parent and student stress. The competitiveness of exams has increased as a consequence of shortage of seats owing to the increasing population. The coaching industry is bearing its ugly head at every level of education. Lakhs of students burn the midnight oil to get that extra edge over their counterparts, in a bid to outbid the best for a seat in prestigious institutes like the University of Delhi. Saying that marks don’t matte…

On Satisfactory Line- Shujaat Hussain

The coming into being of the authorship makes up the world of notion—a senseful being. Those aspire to have it can fangle a new world. The core of the authorship has got to set up that tasty hunky-dory line. It splashes across souls everywhere. The more you bend to the goal of authorship, the more you harbor a conviction that your life sails for a pacific marge.

Your lives matter if you hold on to sating yourself; the paper brimmed with some ideas that your brain cooks causes the murkiness and despair to fall in. There is no place for foul hands that bump off invaluable ideas by stealing them and then dragooning the ink to spout from the nib. Writing is an exploration. You bleed but make the readers reap the intellect, it is a great boon to all. Idea is a tentpole that the stock inholds. Beyond doubt, you produce them—ideas that are yours but serve others. But they need a heart of dove while divulging to paper. When you leave no stone unturned to execute that all, your ideas count, inf…

Are You Sad- A Poem By Arsalan

Are you sad? , They ask me Well, I am not exactly sad I am kind of mad But She ain't crazy, is She?
I am not sad I feel numb But sad was better And numb is bad, way too bad.
Or, maybe I am sad And that makes me happy Which gets annihilated by sadness Driving me deeper into the abyss Home to this numbness.
Why sad?, They ask me. So, tell me this one thing. She calls you Her eternity, Ready to bear whatever comes, Or atleast that's what She said.
How would you feel? If the forever, that, Being yours, was snatched Away from you, Stripped away from your soul By your own rage? (Hurts, right?) But whatever comes by, This thing is for sure My love for Her Surpasses the limits of cosmos, Greater than the sleeping eight.
They say parallels never meet But twice - beginning and eternity. I began where She did Alas! No eternity for myself Not with Her, in the least.

Tales Of Oppression | Shopian Occupied Kashmir

Pain of separation is unbearable. Exactly a month ago indian forces with help and support of local MUNAFIQS and MUKHBIRS (Imformers and collabrators) murdered (martyred) my brother and 5 of his holy comrades in a shopian hamlet. Watching WASIM lying silent with his body soaked in blood wasn't that easy. He had 13 bullets on upper portion of body only. The way indian forces are harrassing the local populance mostly youth and the way indian policy makers are exhibiting egoistic and arrogant behaviour is a blot on face of self claimed prophets of democracy.  Two years since wasim took the decision that had no influence of family, we were subjected to worst brutality, seriously though no mother or for that sake even father will ask his son to take up the arms and be part of rebellion. Even though everyone including the police and the army are well aware of the fact that no parent support the decision of their kid to take the gun, still Rebel families are subjected to worst rights voi…

Letter to Chillay kalan

The Chillaykalan,
Head of Deptt. Of Teedology(Coldology),
Jammu & kashmir .

Subject :Decrease the Teed(Cold).


With due humble reverence and deference , that we the people of kashmir and Ladakh Divisions draw your kind  attention towards the Winter-2019.
Respected Chillaykalan as you know our All V.I.Ps and administrative Heads migrated towards "Hot zone " with all facalities and left behind Electric poles and wires without electricity and pipes without water.
After 11 Long years ,your highness bring such a cold towards us, in which our most elderly persons are severly affected, because in last 11 years most of our Traditional Chullas (Kashmiri DAAN) are replaced by Modern Gas chullas. And rest is done by our modern housing infrastructure in which we prefered cement houses instead of clay houses or traditional wooden houses.
Our traditional Kangries are replaced by electric blanket and heaters which add more to our difficulties and misries.
What so ever , there may …

Kashmir In 2018

Twin bike borne students riding back to home. Hapily crooning, cacophonous exult. Running and running , they ordered over Gun Point. Bike stopped with huff, faces suffuse, exult transformed in vibrating.    Men in uniform asked for identity and get in.Now situation had turned worse than an examination hall. catechizations raise, school bags were checked.  Final call was submit your mobile phones. Every single folder was scrutinized, every social platform were explored. Nakedness was the only feel when they checked the colloquy.  India, claming worlds biggest autonomous country where right to express is prerogative, they why social life is introgated?  Moving to the scene,        They Questioned, what degree are you cogitating?  Engineering (with muffed tone).  Engineering for whom , again Questioned with exclamatory factor India or Kashmir?    India or Kashmir.   IOK where any of Indian democratic frame, principle, amindment is the thesis of classroom subject Civics. Where youth felt…

Sub inspector found dead in srignagar

Sub Inspector found dead in Srinagar* >>> Sub Inspector of Police presently posted in Anti Hijacking unit found dead in Humhama Hotel.
As per initial reports Sub Inspector Ab Hamid R/o Trikanjan Boniyar Baramulla presently posted in anti hijacking was found dead in the rented room of Mirani resorts humhama. Reports said that brother of deceased complained that he is not picking phone and was also absent from duties today. More details awaited......
Arif Nabi

Teri Yaadun Ka Samandar - A Ghazal By Abass

Teri yaadun ka samander hai aur main hun
Ek khayal ki kashti hai aur main hun

Yaadun ke hasin sahil pe baithe thay hum do
Hai Waqt-e-hijran ka tufan aur main hun

Jaate jaate woh meri ana tak lai gaya 
Baki mujh mai bacha hai tu, aur main hun?                         

Kya basta hun abh bhi tere tassavur ke jazirun pe   
Hai kisi lutte kafilay ka nishan aur main hun. 

About Poet
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Kashmir For Freedom- A poem By Kabir Deb

Boots clapping with coal covered road
Frantic heads peeking through wooden gates
Chinar tree dying to meet death's antidote
O Valley! We'll fight until the oppressor fades

Graffiti on our body, isn't just a word
It's the touch we feel when you breathe
Yes, there's smoke above like a negative shroud
O Valley! We know you are our heavenly sheath

Our books today open to a new castle
Where we meet to rap to break your silence
Speak out loud against the fucking shackle
O Valley! Take our body for it lives to save your essence

Far away a ghost plays the long awaited Rubab
His hands still produce the folklore, not the bullet
Cords sparkle out your long missed Shabaab
O Valley! We can't forget what you felt

The maniacs may have forgotten history
But our present dies everyday for their past
Here life is to revolt, but each death has a story
O Valley! Your peace is our thirst

As our doors rattle a bullet perforates our profile
Believing that our folklore won't be sa…

Forces Lanuched CASO in Awantipora Area, Mobile Internet Suspended

Following a specific input about Militant movement, the authorities Forces at the same time launched a cordon and seek operation inside the Baderwan of Renzipora location in Awantipora belt of South Kashmir’s Pulwama District.

On the Wednesday morning, the forces consisting of  RR of Indian army, CRPF and Jammu Kashmir police sealed all the entry and go out factors to the vicinity.

Locals said that a heavy contingent of forces reached this Awantipora locality and are carrying out a search operation in the vicinity.

Meanwhile cellular net offerings were suspended in the Awantipora Police District, Locals said

A seek operation changed into taking place when this file become being filed. x

Baramulla Traders To Protest

Baramulla traders called protest against power shortage*
Arif Nabi
Traders federation Baramulla called a protest march on Wednesday against the shortage of electricity in and around the Baramulla town.
Er Tariq Ahmad Magloo general secretary traders federation Baramulla appealed all the people of Baramulla town including traders and other to reach main market Baramulla tomorrow on Wednesday where from they will march towards DC office. He said that from past few weeks people of Baramulla and its other areas are facing acute shortage of electricity despite all the areas are metered. He said, "so we called a protest program tomorrow on Wednesday and protest will be start 10:30 am from main market Baramulla to DC office Baramulla.  About Author Email; F.b; Peerzada Arif Nabi

Perdiõ Eden ( Lost paradise)

Perdiõ Eden 
How beautiful a morning can be
It is all dependent on thee

We don't go out late night
For us it's not stars full of light
Its morning full of mournings

Even though Eden is all green and blue
Ours red and rest doesn't have clue

For rest , Millitants are being killed in crackdown
Yet civilians are counting one rebel down

Mother is pleading his son to come back
And he is already dead in some counter attack

Some are dying due to hypertension
And rest are striving for redemption

Due to cold vagrant families are getting chilled
And those betrayed people are getting billed
Selling a soul and feeling peace for a while
We are waiting for the time when Allah turns the file

Humanity was all that used to matter
Now that I can see is  people shatter

Paradise is now a battle field
People do identify the rattle revealed

The paradise will rise again like it used to
Where the stars will shine and fearlessly people will look onto

In this game of being killed and rescued
Few peo…


The Jammu and Kashmir politics had always remain bone of contention between different political parties. Every party has its own Manifesto including Kashmir political Issue.The elections are going to take place in the upcoming year 2019, it was only National Conference, Peoples Democratic Party and the Indian National Congress, taking part in the elections. Now, the election will become interesting because of the old-new party publicly known as Peoples Conference will contest the election on all the 87 seats.With the unexpected crack-up of PDP and the emergence of the third-party/ front has created really a sense of frustration among other opponents.Now the point is, it will be interesting how peoples conference will come up in the upcoming election. As Chairman of Peoples Conference Mr Sajjad Gani Lone is in the front race as  Chief Ministerial Candidate.About Columnist
Twitter: @Fear_less_soul
Instagram: @Sillent_mind

Caged Love- A poem by Chiraag

I lost the real "me" in search of you my love Unaware that there is no home for me in you; I have decorated every corner of your home And yeah I know you never wanted to stay there in; You have let me fall,not rise in this mystic feeling of one sided love The love I am in love with,can't be replaced ever........ About author
Instagram:- Chiraag

My Village Life- A Poem By Qazi Yamin

Digging my old grave of memories,.
And escaping from  my worldly miseries
My village life; showered with blisstul vibe.
Holding my old grey and walking miles, Greeting the milky way, I glitter smiles;
dancing with the fireflies_
Tales of heroes & warriors, oh! My eye cries; Enjoying,the stone skipping,
Sceneries, my eyes were clicking
Tyirng the knot between darkness and lantern,
Knitting my dreams before my urn; Slowly passing along the street, a cabeuliwallah
My old grey praying with her japamala
The orchestra of crickets and frogs, I loved
My treasure beneath the sun, I shoved
Longing to grab the sdme vibe
Long gone is my village life
In this present; I must survive
or long gone
Is my village life.
Contact Author :-
Instagram:- @qaziyamin

Active Let Militant arrested by police

rinagar: Jammu Kashmir Police on Thursday said that they arrested an active militant from Kangan area of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district. “Based on credible input, a joint team of Srinagar and Ganderbal Police arrested an active militant of LeT from Kangan area of Ganderbal,” a police official said. He said the militant has been identified as Zubair Shabir Bhat son of Shabir Ahmad Bhat resident of Malpora Qazigund. “He was affiliated with proscribed terror outfit LeT and was a close associate of militant commander Naveed Jutt @Hanzalla and Umar Rashid Wani @Abu Haadi,” the official said. “He was wanted by law for his complicity in a series of terror crimes. Zubair was involved in several conspiracies of weapon snatching and other crimes including threatening of panchayat and ULB candidates in Anantnag and Kulgam districts recently,” the official added. “He was also involved in many terror crimes including case FIR number 128/2018 U/S 147, 148, 336 RPC of PS Qazigund. He was also…