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This is to announce that we are officially changing the name of our faceFace page from Kashur Bakwaaaaaas to Tehreek E Meme.
This decision was taken by the panel of members decided by all of us and it will be implemented as soon possible.
The main reason why we want to change our facebook page name is that our services have changed and the motive of the business has changed.
If anyone has any objection regarding this decision you can mail us on
Thank you

When Will You Come- A Poem By Arafat Riyaz

Yours is not sorrow, if you wish to come tomorrow. So shall you see the literal beauty of love, when are you deciding to come? Hold me in thou bosom, singing thou songs of melody! Let me feel thou rose beauty cheeks, wish I were diurnal admirer of thou sunshine smile. Have I not wailed day and night? You only have the heal. I am ready to burn all desires, are you deciding to come? When will the spring turn? Struggled in autumn for too long, when will they burn? Have they not prolong?

About Poet:
Arafat Riyaz

Untitled Canvas- A Poem By Shujaat Hussain

Ye who wear uniforms- carrying the pernicious stuff for the residents  of this rotten city;
  ye who might be knowing   the paradise, it was once:   the land which ye knew    was bedecked by the silent smiles   of those children-   drowning in the cold blood-   starving for freedom.
  Lo! where human beings sail   with the trembling fear of guns:   ye've sewn the lips,   and perhaps bodies also   with the lethal echoes of bullets;    shall ye know?   yes, the skin is benevolent,   that it embraces every wound   yes, the lips are innocuous   that these lie silent — though, have to        speak.
And ye who fete independence by snuffing out our sky, ye who clinch our beinghood and clutch the roots  of this oft-known Chinar city;
  they say a long ago, it was   the happiest land which ye knew   had no special day—but the whole year   dipping into the sweetest sap.
  Lo! where human beings weep   with the songs till those half-mothers end   ye've dragooned us to grin   and suck th…

Develop Ideas- A Poem By Zakir Malik

Why to let ideas go?
Should draw out even infinitesimal,
Why to let themes go?
Could essay out change radical,
Why to let motives go?
Nurture them as forest tropical,

Why to follow stipulations classical?
Kashmir's smog is totally atypical,
Smoke apostate, from times immemorial
Bounded by foggy paintings and still
Theorise afresh possiblities to chop metal
To carve out mountain to form a tunnel

Desulatory contrives had swallowed ways
Take pledge to pull in awaited sun rays
Future nursery is aforested in illegal ways
Worst is residuum are pasted with PSA's
You hath, take oath to spic huminion garbage
Research throughly, use senses to commutate.

© Zakir Malik

The Lost Friend

From being an outstanding student to one of the youngest rebel of south kashmir, MOHAMMAD FARHAN WANI a lad from wanigund quimoh Quimoh was the youngest member of his family survived by 4 other family members. Farhan from class 0-10  studied in one of the most finest schools of islamabad (anantnag). He was a brilliant student and an outstanding mathematician. He was fond of mildly hot lipton chai with bakerkhani (kashmiri bread). He was my classmate and dearest enemy. we used to fight for reasons unknows. 
Farhan was the most honest and sincere student of our batch & had the most lavish lifestyle among us all. He always loved techy thing like calculator watches, iphones, laser lights and THE GUNS. Farhan had an unusual habit of tasting everyones lunchbox not only during our lunchbreaks but also even during classes. i personally wanted to punch his stomach (back then)  but today i wish he was here among us to open and eat our tiffins. Again.
Farhan came from a very principled and …

The Hidden Love- A Poem By Sk Muzammil

i have hidden my feelings within my heart
i lit the boff in my eyes
when we stumble, she may not have realised
the love that will never die
when she would be dreaming at night
of aromatic forests and green grass
i think it may be that my feelings,
my heart's deviations crept out
and brought rem sleep to her

About Poet: Sk Muzammil

Photo credits: Hidden love - Painting ©2013 by Victoria Flavio - Abstract Art, Acrylic abstract piece

Shikwa: A complaint of a victim of oppression- A Poem By Kamran

This complaint is of perpetual grief Leafing from the exceptional memory the immortal misery, And the four roomed heart.
The exit from a muscular home  Of thy creation To the ongoing oppression, We are inclosed by Draconian nights.
After leaving the ungodly night Our dawn worshipped thy might. As the day excited in its colours The connection ended to thy wires.
The indigence of high spirits  Drove me away from thy lifts.
The womb of vices Gave birth to more Pisces Diving in the water of crisis. Thy creation priced the prices, Lordly, writing the Satinic verses.
Speaking impotently,  perhaps soliloquy:
Oh the Creator of fine light You are out of my sight, A deep dark secret! Present in every bit.
You order in a mysterious way, Impatient longing their last day. 
Some are impatient to hear That you are a vacuum fear!!!
Is your judgement hit-or-miss? Are the records of barbarity codified now?
Pleading in a list, As you hear first___
We are caged in  The black hole of sorrows, By some rut…